Thursday, February 9, 2012

Azusa, CA


No person shall allow, permit or suffer any geese, turkeys, chickens, ducks or other fowl owned by him or under his control to run at large upon any public street, avenue, alley or place within the city or allow, permit or suffer the fowl to run at large or trespass upon any private property within the city.
(Code 1971, § 10.04.010)
No person shall use any stallion, jack or bull for the purpose of propagation unless the stallion, jack or bull is used for that purpose within a closed building.
(Code 1971, § 10.04.020)
No person shall keep, maintain, raise, harbor or liberate within the city any wild and dangerous animal, any poisonous reptile or any bees.
This section shall not apply to the transportation of any such animal, reptile or bees through the city, provided adequate and secure safeguards are taken to prevent the escape thereof and to protect the public nor shall this section apply to any circus, show or temporary event involving the display of such animals, reptiles or bees while the show is legally located and permitted within the city.
(Code 1971, § 10.04.030)
Whenever any dog or other animal is seriously injured on a public street, the dog or other animal may be destroyed immediately.
(Code 1971, § 10.20.020)

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