Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Newport Beach, CA

The keeping of chickens is only permitted within the R-A (Residential Agricultural) Zoning District on 15,000 square-foot lots and certain areas of the SP-7 (Santa Ana Heights Specific Plan) Zoning District. In the R-A District, only two adult chickens are allowed; however, offspring are exempt until weaned. For operation and design standards please see below which is taken from 20.48.040 of our Municipal Code:
B.    Required Setbacks for Domestic Farm Animals.
1.    Setbacks. Structures housing domestic farm animals shall comply with the setbacks in Table 4-2.
Type of SetbackMinimum Distance from Public Rights‑of-WayMinimum Distance from Adjacent Properties within R-A Zoning DistrictMinimum Distance from Adjacent Properties in Other Zoning DistrictsMinimum Distance from Dwelling Unit on Adjacent Property
Front50 ft.35 ft.
Side20 ft.5 ft.25 ft.
Rear20 ft.5 ft.25 ft.
2.    Outdoor Exercise Areas. Animal exercise areas and pasturing areas (i.e., paddocks, runs, racecourses, and show grounds) may be located up to the lot line, except that those areas abutting a public right-of-way shall be set back a minimum of:
a.    Twenty-five (25) feet from a front lot line; and
b.    Ten (10) feet from a side lot line.
C.    Maintenance and Operational Standards.
1.    Applicable health and animal control regulations. The regulations of the Orange County Health Department and the City of Newport Beach Animal Control shall apply to animal-keeping.
2.    Enclosures. All animals, except for cats, shall be confined at all times within a suitable enclosure (e.g., fences, pens, coops, cages, corrals, etc.).
3.    Maintenance. Animal enclosures shall be maintained free from litter, garbage, and the accumulation of manure to discourage flies and other disease vectors. Manure shall not be allowed to accumulate within setback areas. Each site shall be continually maintained in a neat and sanitary manner.
4.    Noise Control. Animal-keeping shall comply with Chapter 7.20 (Noisy Animals).
Additionally, roosters are prohibited.

The design and operation standards for the keeping of chickens in SP-7 is similar to the information above; however, six adult chickens are allowed.

Hopefully that helps, but please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you need clarification.

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