Sunday, February 5, 2012

Utah - Spanish Fork to allow chickens in residential areas

SPANISH FORK — Chickens with few strings.
That's essentially what the Spanish Fork City Council agreed to recently when it passed an ordinance allowing residents to have chickens without a fee or registration.
Only dogs are registered and require a fee in the city, and the council didn't want to expand on that.
Officials looked at other chicken ordinances enacted by cities around Utah Valley and decided it didn't want to enforce too many rules.
However, the ordinance limits chickens in residential areas to lots of 5,000 square feet or greater, requires fenced-in coops and prohibits roosters. Eggs produced must be for family consumption only and not be sold.
The proposal came from resident Shauna Michelson, who said she wants to raise chickens for self-reliance and to teach her children responsibility.
"I realize it's probably not cost-effective," Michelson said.
— Rodger L. Hardy

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