Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vancouver, BC

Backyard Hens

Steps to Keeping Backyard Hens

Please take the time to review the documents below before getting your backyard hens.

Step 1 - City Regulations

Prospective backyard hen owners are required to familiarize themselves with the relevant
sections of the Animal Control By-law PDF(197kb) and Zoning and Development By-law
 PDF(42kb) (both revised June 2010). These by-laws set out the rules and requirements
for keeping backyard hens—including the maximum number of hens, the size and location
 of chicken coops, and other important details.

Step 2 - Important Information: Hen care

Hen owners are also required to review the following documents before registering their hens:

Step 3 - Register

All hen owners need to complete an application form to register their coop with Animal Control.
To register online you will be required to review documents that relate to the basic care and
considerations when owing hens. Click here to register online.

Key Questions and Answers

 Will roosters be allowed or just hens? What about ducks, turkeys, goats, etc.?
 Will there be a limit on the number of hens that can be kept?
 Will residents be allowed to sell the eggs from backyard hens?
 Will people be allowed to slaughter chickens, or are they meant just for eggs?
 How is the City going to ensure that people’s health will not be put at risk (e.g., noise, smell, avian flu and other health concerns)?
 What other cities allow chickens?
 How can I be kept informed about this issue?

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