Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Walnut Creek, CA

The following information is taken from the Animal Keeping Ordinance

Household Pets
  • Household pets are permitted in all land use districts where residential uses are allowed. However,
    there are certain conditions:
  • Up to three animals, including poultry (except roosters), domestic, or exotic animals, may be
    kept as household pets. Livestock and roosters are not considered household pets.
  • No animals, except cats, are permitted to run at large, but are to be kept under the control
    of the owner of the property, or kept within a suitable enclosure within the main building.
  • Animal enclosures, pens, or runs are not to be placed in the front yard.
  • Newborn and baby animals up to the age of 10 weeks are not to be considered in the
    three animal limit within a household.
Any landowner or resident may file a written request for a hearing to seek an exception to the
above conditions.
An exception may be granted if the Zoning Administrator believes there may be reason for revoking the
permission to keep certain pets. Further to reduce the number of such animals permitted, the Zoning
Administrator is able to set a hearing on the subject. The person keeping the animals and all landowners
within 300 feet of the site where the animals are kept are to be notified of the hearing at least 10 days
in advance. If, after the hearing, the Zoning Administrator finds that the animals are causing a nuisance
because of noise, odor, insects, dust, or otherwise, he/she may order certain conditions or vacate the
premises of animals.

Livestock and Roosters
Livestock and roosters are permitted in the R-40 district (Single Family, very low density area-40,000 sq.
ft. lot size); and conditionally permitted in the R-8, R-8.5, R-10, R-12, R-15 districts (Single Family,
low density area-
8,000-15,000 sq. ft.), and R-20 (Single Family, very low density-20,000 sq. ft.) with the granting of
a Minor Use Permit, and shall also follow these certain conditions:
  • No livestock or rooster shall be kept or maintained on property under one ownership, which
    contains less than 40,000 sq. ft., unless the parcel is immediately adjacent to the public open
    space, and contains at least 20,000 sq. ft.
  • Only one animal is allowed to be kept or maintained for every 20,000 sq. ft., under the care of one owner.
  • On property where livestock is kept, a barn or stable or chicken coop must be built not closer than 100
    feet to any public street or 50 feet to any interior lot line.
  • No fence, corral, chicken coop, or similar enclosure is to be located within 15 feet of any side or
    rear property line or within 100 feet of any front property line.
  • No barn, stable, fence, corral, chicken coop, or other enclosure is to be located within 50
    feet of any building that is occupied by humans.
  • The number of livestock allowed may be increased above the maximum of 1 per 20,000 sq.
     ft. in the granting of a minor use permit, if a finding is made that the site is suitable and can support the additional livestock without creating a nuisance problem for surrounding property.

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